How to get more engagement on LinkedIn

How to Get More Engagement on LinkedIn

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How’s your engagement on LinkedIn? Surely even though you know it’s important, you don’t give it all the importance you should. We tell you some keys to getting more engagement on LinkedIn.

To get better at anything, the first step is to start.

LinkedIn is one of the most important networks in terms of personal branding. Therefore, you should not leave it aside in your Content Marketing plan.

The secret to a good LinkedIn strategy is not rocket science. Let’s see:

4 things to do on LinkedIn to get more engagement


We always repeat ourselves, but we must keep saying it: test and measure. And do it again. Try different tones, different content lengths, and different formats. Measure what works and stretch it and what doesn’t, rethink and launch again.

We will never get tired of saying never trust your assumptions.

The only way to know if something works or not is to launch it. @lgarcia

Less stock and more authenticity

Put aside all that easy and template material that we find on any archive image website. Try to find your own personality both with the copy (tone and style) and with the images or videos.

The brand is consolidated by the repetition of concepts, do not change your identity every time you publish something, it will be more difficult for them to remember you.

We are clear about it: we stretch the identity to the maximum, trying to generate a lot of memories with a highly selected color palette, typography, brand universe beyond the logo, etc.

Pay to (really) reach your audience

If you want to reach a specific audience, you have no choice but to invest. Nothing comes to market by itself. If you are clear about this, take advantage of the segmentation capabilities that LinkedIn offers (for example, being able to segment by position). This will work great for you if you do Social Selling. There are many tools that can help you improve.

Experiment with post volume

How much do you post? How do you know it’s a good frequency? We tend to think: “we don’t want to become spam” but what we don’t realize is that this belief causes us to post much less than what would appear to our audience as spam.

We have to find the ideal volume and for that we can only test and measure. Please, stop looking for content about content frequencies and times: your audience is unique, it is yours, and what works for others does not have to work for you. Pursue to have your own conclusions.

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