How to impact consumers through packaging

How To Impact Consumers Through Packaging

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Packaging is the process of wrapping or packing a product for transport, storage, and sale. Packaging can include the selection of materials, the design, and production of the container, as well as the labeling and marking of the product.

Packaging can also be used to protect the product from damage during transport and storage, and to provide consumer information about the product. In addition, the packaging is also used as a marketing tool, since it can be used to attract consumer attention and differentiate the product from the competition.

Packaging has become a powerful marketing tool that, if we know how to use it, can bring us many advantages. The question that arises is, how to do it? What actions must we carry out so that the packaging is effective in this sense?

Connecting with the customer is essential for our business to work, and it’s easy to a

Surprise your customers

The innovative packaging will surprise consumers, who will get a very good impression of your brand. This is what is called a packaging icon, that is, the brand is easily recognized by the shape or design of the package. For example, what do you think when you see a pink and white striped bag with black lettering? Do you know what brand we are talking about?

Be original in what has to do with the shape, colors, and design, and take care of all the details to the maximum. The important thing is that consumers keep their mouths open when they receive their shipments.

Take the packaging out of context

It is possible that you are already taking care of many of the details of your packaging, such as using a roll of kraft paper inside it, or including social networks and your website on the outside. However, in an increasingly competitive world, it is necessary to make a difference. You can achieve this by creating different packages that have nothing to do with the items you sell, but that really attract attention.

Commitment to sustainability

As a curiosity, the first recorded container was used in 1810 by a matchmaker, who used a paper box to protect the matches from moisture. If your company is committed to caring for the environment, let this also be seen in your packaging. Use cardboard or recycled plastic, organic paints, and any other detail that can enhance your brand values ​​in this regard.

The openings

The original openings in the boxes become a great attraction for the consumer that generates different emotions. Opening a normal box is not the same as thinking about something more special and for which a little more imagination is needed. Including a code, clips, straps, or strings could be some of the options.

Beauty is not only inside

While it is true that the product is the most important thing, the box is no less. It is the first impression that the consumer will have about your brand and about the product that he is going to receive. Therefore, it is highly recommended to make original packaging that really makes a difference from the competition. Colors play a fundamental role in this field.

The facing

It is about the consumer having full visibility of the packaging no matter what position it is in. It needs to be consistent so it stays upright when lying down or standing up, so your branding and colors are reflected at all times.

Roughly speaking, facing refers to the display of a product on a shelf or gondola. Facing refers to the number of units of a product that are placed in one row or face of a shelf or gondola in a store. Facing is important because it affects the visibility and accessibility of the product to consumers. A good facing can help increase sales of a product, while a poor facing can make it difficult to sell.

Facing can also be used as a marketing tool, as it can be used to highlight new products or special promotions. Manufacturers and retailers can work together to plan and execute effective facing strategies.

Fall in love with your customers with the packaging of your products and take your business to another level.

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