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Because monitoring a hashtag is the same or more complicated than creating it, today we bring you the best sites to monitor the hashtags of your Social Media campaigns

Hashtags are a key tool to get more visibility, increase your reach and create successful campaigns.

The choice of a hashtag does not consist of randomly selecting a few words, but of strategically choosing the words according to your campaign in order to achieve the final objectives.

Creating a hashtag is not easy, nor is it easy to monitor it, which is why we have selected a series of tools that will help you monitor a hashtag, both on Twitter and on Instagram.


With Tagdef you will identify the most viral hashtags and it will help you to know the meaning of all of them. Type the words in the search box and all the results for that hashtag will appear.


With Tweet Archivist you will be able to see the reach that a hashtag has had during a specific period of time, in the form of highly visual graphs. You will have the option to download the data for yourself, in .csv or pdf format.


Hashtracking offers you tables, graphs, tweets and retweets, reach, or impressions of the hashtag you are looking for. It is one of the most complete tools to analyze hashtags. You will be able to see information about your Instagram posts or retweets and mentions on Twitter, how many users have used a hashtag, or compare them.

At you will see all kinds of analytics on the most used hashtags in the last 24 hours. In addition to offering you the most popular hashtags, you will also be able to see what kind of users use them.


In the free version of Hashtagify, you will be able to analyze related hashtags, the 6 most influential users, the variations in the use of that hashtag, and a list of the latest tweets or most popular posts where it was used. This tool can only be used on Twitter.

TweetReach (Union Metrics)

With TweetReach you will obtain data on the reach of the last 50 tweets where your hashtag has been used in the free version. In the paid mode, you can monitor your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr account in real-time.

Rite tag

Ritetag will help you choose the best hashtags for your tweets and which ones are the most viral. Furthermore, this tool allows you to add the RiteTag extension to your browser to schedule your tweets or choose the best hashtag. Simple and fast.

Tweet Binder

Enter the term you are looking for in the Tweet Binder search engine and it will give you the last 2000 tweets that have used that hashtag, other related hashtags, and useful statistics for monitoring.


Tweet-Tag gets the old tweets (up to 1,500 tweets) and all the tweets that are happening up to the indicated date and time. If you keep your browser open, with your monitoring, you will observe the evolution in real-time. A very useful tool for Twitter.


Tagboard allows you to see all the conversations that are generated around your hashtag on Facebook and Twitter. It measures the reach when we do not have much budget for our campaigns.


Brand24 is a tool that allows you to search, follow and monitor hashtags. It will help you find new influencers, measure the reach of all your social networks, and automatically count the number of posts for a specific hashtag.

Trends Maps

If you want an easy and simple-to-use tool to see hashtags in real-time, that is Trend Maps. The main function of this tool is to geolocate hashtags and trending topics in real-time in the form of a world map. It can be of great help to assess the demand for hashtags depending on the area or if you are doing some type of marketing study.

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